What is Experience Daliona?

Experience Daliona began as a fictional organization in a futuristic science-fiction book series written by founder and lead educator, Alex Martin. The Experience Daliona organization manages ecotourism, education, and scientific outreach on the planet Daliona, a planet that is explored in Resonance, the second book in Alex's current series.


Alex created the Experience Daliona website in 2015 to act as a fictional travel agency and science blogging space, allowing readers to explore the world beyond the pages, a world he himself sees in his head every day. It wasn't until July 2018, three years after Resonance's publication, that Alex founded Sidewalk Science Center in Savannah, Georgia. Ever since then, Sidewalk Science Center has been providing passerby with an opportunity to engage with science education in public spaces several days per week, all for free.

With these programs, and more experiences to come in the future, we're bringing a vision of Daliona to life. Our long-term goals include developing an edu-recreational campus and resort that launches global outreach programs. As we work to achieve that vision, we will pursue our passions, impact our communities, and create a brighter, healthier future on Earth and beyond.

The Experience Daliona Vision

  1. Develop Sidewalk Science Center as our flagship program and provide free science education in public spaces every week

  2. Develop low-cost educational kits that introduce, reinforce, and go beyond academic learning objectives

  3. Develop branch programs that increase access to scientific resources and environmental education

  4. Develop the New ERA Foundation to take action on environmental justice and human rights issues

  5. Develop the first Experience Daliona campus and resort dedicated to eco-urbanization that utilizes 100% renewable energy and implements internal social, economic, and environmental sustainability projects

  6. Develop regional campuses around Earth that provide independent experiences and promote 100% sustainable eco-urbanization projects

  7. Develop programs that promote sustainable urbanization, energy, and resource-gathering projects in deep space settlements

  8. Establish an outpost on the Moon with a telescope pointed back at Earth, and subsidize the costs for crewed missions that will allow anyone to visit and gaze back upon our home

The books behind Experience Daliona




The map showing the locations of all the planets Alex Martin created for his science-fiction books.