The Experience Daliona

Ambassador Program

At Experience Daliona, our ambassadors come first.

Our Sidewalk Science Center ambassadors are the key to Experience Daliona's reach and influence by directly engaging with kids, teens, students, and adults in public spaces. They generate enthusiasm for education, constructively impact their local communities, and spread the vision of an exciting future.


We believe in the influence of education.


Your passion to positively influence and mentor the people around you guides your success. You will have the freedom to host Sidewalk Science Center in a way that complements your background, and even provides networking opportunities. Students who are pursuing degrees can include their work or research along with the standard experience; professionals can discuss their fields and what led them to the work they do today.

We love our communities.

When hosting Sidewalk Science Center, you will immediately feel the impact of your effort. You aren't an entertainer, but a member of the community providing access to a unique educational experience. You will enhance - and witness - the diversity that strengthens our society.


We want to create an inspiring future.

A single table is open three to four hours each day at most locations, and sees an average of 50-100 people in that time. Combined with our personal attention, hands-on learning, and weekly frequency, Sidewalk Science Center holds a lasting residual impact within every community.

We share the Experience Daliona Vision.

To provide accessible and diverse science education all over the world.


To empower individuals and enhance communities.

To create Daliona, an educational and recreational campus and resort that promotes environmental stewardship, hosts global outreach programs, and fosters innovation on all levels.