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The Dalish Embassy freely releases all scientific research to any embassy with which we have direct political ties. Feel free to explore and utilize whatever information you desire for any special projects or personal interests.

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Scientific Principles

The Galactic Ecology Survey is the galaxy's oldest environmental preservation and expansion program, tracing its roots back to Daliona's very foundations. Daliona strives to head initiatives that will provide future habitats for marine and surface wildlife on planets near and far.

Interplanetary cooperation is essential to the mission of maintaining humanity's presence in the Milky Way, as well as promoting the spread of non-human lifeforms across multiple planets. Daliona continues to remain committed to forming treaties that represent the scientific and political values of our society, including beneficial trade regulations, friendly environmental policies, and responsible foreign aid procedures.

An educated society is the basis to ensuring humanity's future survival. That's why Daliona set the standard to release the most groundbreaking physical laws and scientific discoveries that will continue to encourage involvement in research and application fields. These research are open for public use to further the development of new technologies and innovations.

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