There is no magic cure.

A message from Alex Martin, founder of Experience Daliona &
Sidewalk Science Center, and futuristic science-fiction author

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August 23, 2019

As a science-fiction author, I'm often wandering around inside my own head, imagining a version of the future; in my eyes, it is a future we can pride ourselves on, where we have found success beyond our struggles and moved into the cosmos so that we may provide a better path forward not just for humanity, but for the millions of species with which we share this planet.


I don't try to envision a utopia, a future where we have left our struggles behind. In all of us, our flaws, our prejudices, our greed persists. But so too do I attempt to reflect a version of humanity that has worked to solve challenges and become independently resilient to the worlds they are allowed to inhabit. Some are old, and have developed fully sustainable societies upon their home worlds. Some are young, still maturing, still developing their society and figuring out their role in the greater bounds of civilization.


Inevitably, however, there are societies that have regressed, neglecting their planets, indifferent to the mounting evidence that their activities have placed immense pressure on their planet, and refusing to take actions to mitigate the ecosystem deterioration and climatic shifts they are now experiencing. This particular story-line is the foundation of the upcoming fourth book in my Recovery series, titled Belvun, which is set to be published in October 2020.


In my books, however, there is a glimmer of hope, a magic cure: a synthesized compound called Faustocine that, when dispersed, can slow the deterioration and buy the society time to reverse policies, develop programs, and make reparations to affected ecosystems.


But on Earth, today, we have yet to develop any such magic cure. There is no single solution to the challenges we face throughout our many societies and environments. We can only hope to enact changes through political reform, direct action, more accessible education and awareness, and other fundamental areas that form the structure of an increasingly globalized society.

Through my books, I am able to project my interpretations of the world, of the geopolitics and governmental systems, of personal encounters, of environmental catastrophes that affect communities here in the United States, and abroad. Despite the rise of social media, we still find how easy it is to remain grossly ignorant of the goings-on in other countries, particularly, the distinct separation between Western culture and underdeveloped regions, or countries with extremist governments, or countries facing extreme poverty and other injustices.


We realize that truth now. It wasn't until a video surfaced of the blackened, smoke-filled skies above São Paulo, Brazil, that much of Western culture learned that Earth's greatest sanctuary of life was burning. It took 16 days for us to see it for ourselves, a trail of smoke spanning the equivalent of 2/3 of the continental United States. The rush of information is then sudden, and everywhere, and debates spring up: the new Brazilian government accusing organization of self-sabotage as retaliation for defunding programs and policy changes; scientists revealing they are being terminated for presenting data that opposes the government's official stance; thousands of indigenous peoples protesting, their voices going unheard as they are forced to flee their preserves as farmers burn and chop away at the Amazon to make room for unsustainable agriculture and livestock.


We see these same stories in Indonesia. The Arctic. Central Africa. Siberia. No single action from any person, or any group of people, can end the injustices that have worsened disasters such as these. Species all around the Earth are cascading toward endangered status, and extinction. Droughts are forcing entire communities to uproot themselves and seek resources elsewhere, often facing hatred and other nationalistic tendencies. The glacial sheets of Greenland melted at record rates in late July 2019, following a record-breaking heatwave that began in Europe, and Iceland has lost its first glacier to warming trends. Ocean oxygenation is decreasing, carbon dioxide saturation is rising. Over-fishing is destroying wild populations, and is responsible for more than 50% of the plastic found in the ocean. Now more than ever, we must recognize that environmental deterioration is caused by widespread social injustices perpetuated by the world's modern economic systems.

I hope to help in what way I can: as both an author and an educator I am able to reach people through stories and direct action. Regarding my books, I will now donate $5 per book sold to environmental and educational organizations aiding efforts globally, to engage myself in supporting environmental and humanitarian causes around the world.


Regarding Experience Daliona and our Sidewalk Science Center program, through which we provide free access to educational resources and experiences in public parks every weekend, I will put I will put more effort into expanding the program and reaching more local communities. I hope to continue forming relationships will community organizations and open Sidewalk Science Centers all around the country--and world. In doing so, we have the opportunity to engage thousands of people with educational experiences every weekend, strengthening community relations, encouraging intelligent and respectful dialogues, fostering curiosity, and reinforcing fundamental realities facing our planet.

Please see the information below to learn how to purchase my books and have $3.00 USD donated per book sold to charitable and action-driven organizations, or how to help support Sidewalk Science Center.

To all our endeavors, because we have a future to create.

Alex Martin

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