The Floral Fertility Project

Developing Sustainable Floral Environments

Plants are an endless source of value. Some serve medicinal purposes, others are edible, and a great many are wonderful aesthetic decorum.


The Yillosian Floral Fertility Project aims to breed genetic hybrids that serve a multitude of purposes, and studies how various floral life adapts to soil conditions across a variety of extreme ecosystems and degrees of microbial fertilization.


"One of our goals is to create plants that can survive on as many planets as possible, in as many environments as possible," says Ruse LeBlanch, director of the project. "We hope this will in turn help quicken the terraformation of planets we seek to settle."

"Life should be far reaching. When we look up at the stars, we should be overcome with awe and ask ourselves: 'Where to now?'"

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Earth, 2337

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