The Galactic Ecology Survey

Dedicated to sustaining the planets we call home

Almost two millennia in the making, the Galactic Ecology Survey promotes the growth and preservation of our natural worlds. Daliona is proud to be the home of the GES. Headed by the Dalish Environment Preservation Committee, we are devoted to conducting environmental research, maintaining wildlife populations, and developing sustainable energy across the galaxy.


Over the centuries, other planets have joined our cause. Yillos, Artaans, and Rygin are now leaders in environmental preservation and non-human habitation, following the Kiana Continent Project, the first model of non-human habitation that Daliona has proudly upheld to this day.


The GES is reshaping humanity's role in the universe. We recognize our responsibility to protect our fellow creatures of the lands, skies, and seas. Under our watch, life will thrive both where we are and where we are not.


"Our duty as a species, the duty of every intelligent species there may be in our universe, is to help life flourish."

Benedict Drake

Wander Enterprises

Earth, 2337