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"Old telescopes in

new hands."

When an astronomer points their telescope at the night sky for the first time, it's a momentous occasion known as First Light, the first time the light of the cosmos has passed through the lens and into the eye of the observer.

After years of use, or even only after one or two looks, that telescope might fall to the wayside. Some end up in the garage, collecting dust rather than photons, darkness rather than the memories of the universe...

Experience Daliona collects used and older telescopes from members of our local communities looking to sell or hand off their telescopes. After some refurbishment and repairs, we are making these telescopes available to the community, to be borrowed by families and those who seek to discover those dots of light sprinkled among the darkness.

We want to give budding astronomers the chance to revive these telescopes that have spent years in the dark, and through them, capture their Second Light.

What you get with your free rental:

  • Two-week rental period

  • Information about how to use the telescope

  • Information about objects in the night sky during your rental period

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Purchase of an Astronomy Night is not required for a rental telescope.


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