The Sedimentary and Geological Evolution Survey

Preserving the beauty of our worlds

Understanding the evolution of the planets we call home is essential to maintaining healthy environments not only for humans, but for the creatures with whom we share these worlds.


The Sedimentary and Geological Evolution Survey, another branch of the GES, intends to uphold the integrity of nature, from Daliona's white shorelines and the Yillosian arctic tundra, to Artaans' fertile fields and Belvun's bountiful forests.

Studying these environments and watching their natural evolutions will help us better understand how to safely inhabit new worlds as we continue inflating humanity's bubble within the Milky Way.

"We must understand the worlds we will one day call home. Every effort must be made not to force these planets to fit our image; we must learn to fit the image of the planets."

Benedict Drake

Wander Enterprises

Earth, 2337