What is Sidewalk Science Center?

"To provide accessible and diverse science education in public spaces."

Our Flagship Program

Sidewalk Science Center travels to public spaces and engages passerby with a range of hands-on science experiments that get everyone involved! You'll be introduced to physics, optics, microscopy, astronomy, and more!

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Educational Kits

Bring the experience of Sidewalk Science Center home! With an 80-page booklet to guide you through three experiments, and packed with trivia, exercises, and more, Module 1: Force helps you explore forces acting on you every day.


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Perfect for Events


Although some experiments may mystify you at first, you'll learn why they work, and how we apply them in real life! Bring Sidewalk Science Center to your child's birthday, your private event, or even kids' night at your business, and we'll do the rest.

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Scout Camps

Sidewalk Science Center has partnered with Girl Scout councils in Florida to provide camp and troop experiences. Our programs weave in scouts' personal interests, empowering them to pursue their passions and explore a vision for their own futures.

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