In light of a recent study, Elon Shotwell thinks foreign guests will be less-inclined to visit Daliona if gravity elevators remain their only travel option.

by Saiko Miokara

Gravity elevators.

   For the Dalish, they're the quickest way to travel. You can live in Misha, work in Gorgico, and still meet your family for dinner in Balu Bora with time to spare for sightseeing.

   Foreigners don't see it the same way. Many Yillosians, Artish, Mellesians, Hustengs, and Undilaens don't have properly evolved biologies to cope with the stress a gravity elevator exerts.

   A study conducted in Standard 4317 found that 100% of first-time foreign passengers experienced severe nausea. 35% of foreigners coming from a planet whose gravitational acceleration was between 6.4 m/s^2 and 11.2 m/s^2 blacked out during the trip. No deaths have yet been recorded.

   "It's a problem, and it needs fixed before a fatality does occur," said Elon Shotwell, the Embassy's Director of Technology and Transportation. "We aren't giving foreign visitors any other option but to suffer the strain of a gravity elevator. Some people physically cannot endure the Gs exterted on their bodies. Daliona should be accessible to all our guests."

   Using this argument, Shotwell called for developers to design a foreign   visitor-friendly   mode   of


  "It's simple," he told Zenith. "Civilian tourists just won't come. It's a health hazard, and they know it. They need more options."

   Shotwell has a point. In the same year as the previous study, data shows a declining trend: a 13% decrease in foreign leisure travel between Standard 4315 and 4317.

   "The figures are startling," said Garid Hethell, an analyst with the Dalish Experience Vacation Agency. "People aren't traveling as extensively as in the past. Normally we'd see foreigners visiting an average of eight resorts during their stays. That number has decreased to four."

   Thus, Shotwell introduced plans to construct the Orbi-Rail, once called the High Orbit Shuttle Track, a transportation system similar to the FAST Tracks we alrady have in many of our cities.

   "[The Orbi-Rail] would orbit Daliona well inside geosync," said Shotwell. "A shuttle launched either from Daliona or the spaceport would intercept one of several docking ports on the Rail. The Rail itself would be spinning around Daliona at close to 40,000 miles per hour, so passengers would need only wait until their destination, or we could even construct  an  extended  stay area 

Shotwell's plans for an 'Orbi-Rail' that will carry passengers in high orbit. Trajectory 1 is launched from the surface of Daliona, while Trajectory 2 is launched from the Thorpe Space Elevator. Note: image not to scale.

for guests who wish to have a unique Dalish experience."

   "It would easily be the fastest mode of transport the Dalish have ever built," said Hethell in a later interview with Zenith. "The only reason it will still be slower     than     a     gravity

elevator is simply due to the time it will take to travel to-and-from the surface of Daliona."

   Foreigners probably won't object to an extra few minutes of travel time, however, especially if they get to see Daliona and all its glory during the trip.

Passengers aboard the Orbi-Rail will have grand views of Daliona.