What readers have said about the books that inspired the creation of Experience Daliona
Embassy Edition 2 Cover.jpg

"An arresting achievement in world-building, an impressive debut novel, and an absolute indicator that S. Alex Martin is a writer to watch."

Barb Taub, author of Null City, regarding Embassy

"Embassy inspires us to get out there and work for our dreams, but also makes us stop and wonder whether our goals are really what they should be."

Hannah Heath, from ConstantCollectible.com, regarding Embassy

"[Arman] is both the Protagonist and Antagonist of his own story, which makes him a realistic character, in my opinion, as we tend to be our own worst enemies."

Kierstan Burke, book blogger, regarding Embassy

October 10, 2014

337 pages

Paperback: $10.00 USD

Kindle: $2.99 USD

"The story is meant to be about US. Me. You. The human race."

Heather, Amazon.com review, regarding Embassy

"Arman was both protagonist and antagonist rolled into one. He's pretty depressed and withdrawn at the beginning.... Throughout the book he learns...to open back up and that he's been wasting his life living the way he has been."

Nate, Amazon.com review, regarding Embassy

"What a fascinating universe it is! Martin crafts planets in unique and thrilling ways... Resonance is a subtle coming-of-age novel; Arman’s personal struggles are quiet, but no less profound. I watched Arman grow into his responsibilities and I felt a small pride, as though I were watching a dear friend succeed."

Hannah Anderson, from EpicStream.com, regarding Resonance

October 16, 2015

529 pages

Paperback: $17.00 USD

Kindle: $5.99 USD

"Arman, with his fight to overcome his self-conscious and tense nature, is very easy to relate to. I wanted to cheer him on every time he overcame a new obstacle, as well as curl up in ball and cry whenever he relapsed."

Hannah Heath, from ConstantCollectible.com, regarding Resonance

"Resonance holds true to its prequel’s theme of living for the best of life, and then even builds off of that. It teaches the reader that despite your past, there is always a future that will be exactly what you make of it, so make it the best."

Adi, Amazon.com review, regarding Resonance

"[Arman's] inner world is rich and complex and emotional and so, so, so relatable. His open struggles with fear, identity, jealousy, and purpose are such a part of the human experience that he really feels like a real person to me."

Sapphyre, Amazon.com review, regarding Resonance

"The world-building. Absolutely phenomenal.... The level of detail poured into Daliona made the story so rich."

Sapphyre, Amazon.com review, regarding Resonance

"My favorite thing about this book is definitely the characters. I love how each one is crafted to be so special, that, even if they were only in the book for a few pages, their individual personality stood out so brilliantly, I couldn’t possibly forget them. So much of their hearts and…their being packed into everything they did and every word they said. It was beautiful."

Alexa, from VerbosityBookReviews, regarding Resonance

"Regret, the consequences of decisions and actions, and the overbearing question if individuals have any agency at all: these are the big themes of PERIHELID. This is not a comfortable, makes-you-feel-that-fuzzy-feeling, light read."

Celine, Goodreads.com review, regarding Perihelid

October 17, 2017

"For readers who enjoy the philosophical underpinnings of deep-space exploration, PERIHELID will not disappoint; in fact, it's the best-written of the series so far... It's not, and neither wishes nor pretends to be, your typical space opera."

Joshua David Bellin, Author of Survival Colony 9Scavenger of Souls, and Freefall

"It was so hard for me to let the story go. I was heartbroken...yet it still ended with a strange and stunning beauty; all that occurred had so much weight and meaning and purpose.... It’s strikingly lovely and incredibly profound, more than a simple sci-fi or slice-of-life alone, because this story teaches you so much about how to live the life that is your own."

Alexa, VerbosityBookReviews.comregarding Perihelid

330 pages

Paperback: $15.00 USD

Kindle: $6.99 USD

"The first two books in the Recovery series have very hopeful, bright moods that feature the anxious, depressed Arman learning to open up and live his life. Book 3 is grittier and causes several major setbacks in Arman’s life and outlook, but in the end spurred some really cool character development."

Hannah Heath, ConstantCollectible.comregarding Perihelid

"The last 100 pages or so were so intense, and I love the way that the author tied all the little ends together from the rest of the series in the big reveal.... When I started reading this series, I wasn't necessarily expecting to find such accurate mental illness representation in a sci-fi book... Mental illness is not the main focus of the series or of this book, but it's an inextricable part of Arman's character. 

Saffyre, Amazon.comregarding Perihelid