The Experience Daliona Team


Alex Martin


"To all our endeavors."

Alex's journey began on June 12, 2004, at age 11, when he started writing science-fiction books. At 20, he wrote the first book in his current series, not knowing that series would inspire him to create Experience Daliona five years later. In January 2018, he began making educational videos for YouTube, interviewing people on the sidewalks of Savannah, Georgia about scientific topics. In June 2018, he traveled to Finland and spoke at the 5th European Conference for Conservation Biology, highlighting how he uses science-fiction as a gateway for readers to develop an interest in science.


On July 11, 2018, just two weeks after returning from Finland, he formally founded the first Sidewalk Science Center. Since then, he has finished writing the fourth book in the series, moved to Florida, and has had the opportunity to bring Sidewalk Science Center to more than a dozen communities up and down the east coast, and as far west as Denver, Colorado!


Meghan O'Brien

Sidewalk Scientist

Meghan joined Experience Daliona in March 2021, bringing with her more than a decade of outdoor and informal education outreach to our programs.


Graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in biology, she went on to live and work in nearly a dozen US states and territories, from nature centers in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Wisconsin, to a ranch in California, to outdoor pathfinder programs in the Virgin Islands and Florida.

Her environmental and naturalist backgrounds, combined with her skills gained from developing, coordinating, and leading educational programs make her the perfect fit as a Sidewalk Scientist at Sidewalk Science Center, and as a leading member who will create new environmental outreach as we expand our program offerings within Florida and beyond.