Developers plan to build the first hotel of its kind -- in the skies of Daliona's #1 Rated Vacation Destination

by Nellian Kaliko

It's been half a century since the opening of the Pelago, Selayche's largest resort hotel, and now the archipelago's developers are looking to add to Selayche's grandeur.

   The currently-unnamed 'cyclotel' will be built over Laukai Bay, between Selayche and Relico Islands, and is being backed by some of the leading cycloidal technology experts in the Cavellor Archipelago.

   "This would be the first free-flying structure of its kind," said Arn Bigla, director of Cavellor's Cycloidal Gravity Wave Application Facility. "Industrial cyclos have been used inside free-standing structures to relieve stress at on various supports, but the only current structure that utilizes cyclos in a similar way to the proposed project is the Thorpe Space Elevator."

   Director Bigla mentioned that Cavellor has looked into developing free-flying structures numerous times in the past, but there were several modifications that needed to be made.

   "Cyclos have to be precisely tuned," he said. "The typical civilian cyclo suit won't function properly when it's dealing with masses greater  than two hundred

kilograms. Unsupported, the space elevator weighs six million tonnes, but the height of the elevator combined with Daliona's own rotation offsets that by about three-quarters. The proposed project would weigh in at nearly two million tonnes, the largest non-orbital structure ever built."

   Zenith spoke with Marja Rediger, who ran the proposal past Director Bigla. She explained that the initial idea came out of sentiment, and the technological implications were realized later.

   "Standard 4326 marks two thousand years since the first settlers landed on Daliona," said Rediger. "We wanted to pay homage to them, and to the whole of humanity. An architectural accomplishment of this scale seemed the right fit."

   Others think the 'cyclotel' is too big a project to take on. Blaire Kindal is one such outspoken opponent.

   "They haven't thought this through," said Kindal. "It will be sore on the eyes. Selayche's inherent aesthetic value will be completely lost. People go to Verana   Peak   to   appreciate   the

Top: the Thorpe Space Elevator as seen from orbit. Bottom: the Thorpe Space Elevator as seen from the Embassy.

'Cyclotels' will soon grace the skies of Selayche 

archipelago, maybe watch Relico's nightly fireworks. Now the entire southern view will be blocked out by this floating hotel."

   Rideger laughed when she heard what Kindal said.

   "She has confronted us several times. Rest assured

we will model the cyclotel in such a way as to preserve the natural beauty Selayche is so famous for."

   The developers will begin construction at the end of this year, and it is scheduled to open the summer of Standard 4326.